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Report Meeting Electronic Gulden Foundation, June 7th 2014
« Gepost op: 12 juni 2014, 13:21:16 »
Five e-Gulden aficionados, amongst whom 2 out of 3 board members of the foundation, held an intensive, yet productive meeting in Breda, The Netherlands. The Treasurer, Gerrit, attended the meeting at a distance but the ranks of the fellowship were strengthened by forum moderator Finity. The original developers did not attend, as was expected.

As far as the state of communications with the original developers is concerned, they’d sent us a concise e-mail message upon instigation of Mr. Mark Teurlings, a Dutch barrister, after we had contacted him.  At the time of the launch of the e-Gulden, Mr. Teurlings was, briefly, the spokesperson for the devs, but he has stated he is no longer involved with e-Gulden. In their e-mail to us, the devs state that they transferred the full remainder of the pre-mine to the foundation being established. They claim to be within their rights by their summary justification of expenditure of the “missing part” of the pre-mine, which they allegedly spent on “promotion costs for the e-Gulden and development”.  This, purportedly, includes the development of a smartphone app, wallets, vps, etc. Other than the aforementioned, they also spent a great deal on “rewards”. From their message we glean that they will not co-operate with us and wish to be left alone by the community.

The questions for us were whether we would (could) respect the original developers’ position and whether we saw sufficient ground for us to assume responsibility for the e-Gulden project. You will appreciate that we do not agree with the devs’ position viz. the transfer.  However, we do agree with the basic parameters they used to launch the e-Gulden.

We feel that there is sufficient support in the market for the e-Gulden. We also feel that the available expertise, technical capabilities and the enthusiasm we’ve encountered will help to sustain and grow a viable e-Gulden. We therefore unanimously agreed to officially establish the Electronic Gulden Foundation. The e-Gulden jinni is definitely out of the bottle and we will, wholeheartedly and with full commitment, support it.

We’ll engage in the following activities, from now on, meaning that:

1)     The Electronic Gulden Foundation will be established within the next 3 weeks. We are looking at the most cost efficient way of doing this, as the Foundation is lacking funds (we don’t have any).
2)     We will gather, collate and visualise the legacy of the current developers.  The block chain and wallet software are public domain. We already have a core group of dedicated volunteers and we are actively looking at further reinforcements to help develop the e-Gulden in a cryptocurrency without compare.
3)     We’ll assume control of the website and the E-Gulden Forum, with or without the express collaboration by the devs. We have already claimed the domain name (we still need to develop the new website and forum, though), meaning that in the near future will be no more than an alias, and is likely to disappear entirely. We will probably also have to create new Twitter, Reddit and Bitcointalk accounts.
4)     The “generous distribution activities” by the original developers and the resulting acceleration in the “maturity” of the e-Gulden protocol have led to over 7,500,000 e-Gulden coins being fast distributed in the marketplace, causing a downward pressure on the e-Gulden price. That the e-Gulden market is currently stabilising and the coin is seemingly in an upwards trend is proof of the self-regulating and cleansing capabilities of cryptocurrencies. Looking at the amounts allocated to “rewards” and the e-Gulden volumes traded at the various exchanges it appears that the total of e-Gulden is fairly evenly distributed under buyers/recipients. From a market perspective early adaptors and a growing number of buyers have been able to purchase substantial amounts of e-Gulden at favourable prices. Albeit with a twist, we feel this has worked positively for the e-Gulden. As is known, in cases, with other cryptocurrencies, vast amounts of coins were kept by their original developers, who intimately understand their own currency’s protocols. In the case of the e-Gulden, it appears that well over 3 million e-Gulden have been sold via LiteBit and other exchanges and thus landed in the wallets of people, with a favourable predisposition towards the e-Gulden, but people who do not mine –or lack the know-how of how to mine- e-Gulden themselves.
5)     We have a number of great ideas of how to proceed with the further distribution of the part of the pre-mine of e-Gulden currently under our control.  However, we first have to go through the current awkward process of transfer from the original developers to us and we will therefore not distribute any e-Gulden from the pre-mine until such time the foundation is officially established.  We will then start to promote the e-Gulden in such a way that our coin will capture the hearts and minds of the Dutch people.

Finally, what remains is our actions toward the current developers.  We would definitely prefer that they would cease their current stalling tactics and veer off the path they have chosen, and choose to co-operate with us instead.  However, if they fail to do so, we will seek legal recourse through the Dutch judiciary, shortly.  The e-Gulden, and other cryptocurrencies, deserve a clear deed and title. A proper course of legal action is therefore warranted as we seek a bright future for our coin.
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